Monday, January 24, 2011

So, I made my super secret squirrel recipe yesterday. It was a dud unfortunately. I got the recipe out of my sisters cookbook "clean food". Needless to say, when some people say that whole foods are gross and bland, this is one of the recipes they were talking about.

Black beans are tasty. There tasty in my chipotle burrito bowl, in salsa and several other things. However, no one should EVER make them into patties. There were several other things in the patties, but they just didn't have any flavor. I made a pineapple guacamole with the patties, and THAT was good, but even putting that on the patty did not help.

You live and you learn right? I've really enjoyed cooking at home. I'm starting to get the hang of how much spice or oil you need for cooking. I picked up my friend Katie from the airport and made dinner at her house with her husband and little bundle of joy Addi. Lemon Chicken, grilled asparagus, and seasoned red potatoes. They said it was amazing! I was fairly proud of myself cause I didn't find it too difficult to accomplish!

Anyway, I'm sitting at school in the Veterans lounge right now, putting of reading my textbooks. I should probably get to the learning. Until next time friends!


Kelley Larson said...

when are you coming to cook me dinner?

Ash said...

buy the ingredients and I'll see what I can do! :P