Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Operation "Whole Foods" in full swing!

Last week I spent some time thinking about ways to quicken my weight loss........I only came up with on task; however, I knew it wasn't going to be an easy one at that. Eating healthier. Isn't that the answer to many things whether it's weight loss, happiness, or health issues? People say it, but I feel like most people don't explain it or don't want to go through the trouble of research. Not to mention the trips to the grocery store that are much more difficult (and a lot more expensive unfortunately).

I've decided I'm going to change the nasty cycle.

Well, for two weeks at least :P I'm going to eat ONLY whole foods for the next 12 days. (I already started yesterday so I'm closing up on day two right now! No, seriously, I'm sitting at the table eating a clementine and pumpkin seeds as I write this.) It's not going to be easy to resist my normal caramel high rise at work along with the occasional banana chocolate chip muffin (which I must say are A-mazing). However, I know that I will be working for the good of my body in the long run. (oh running, how I miss you)

My lovely sister, Lisa, is a health nut and is helping me with what I can and cannot eat. She lent me one of her cookbooks "clean food" and I'm going to be making a couple meals from the book that call for all whole foods.

I'm really excited about this. Today I totally geeked out at the grocery store. I was almost on a first name basis with the lady stocking in the organic section as I asked her question after question about different products. :P Anyway, as I know you all love photos, I continued my geekyness when I got home and took some photos of my groceries:

All my lovely groceries for the next two weeks. And yes, I displayed my reusable bags proudly!


veggies for my recipes I'm excited to try out!

(ok, thats code for my favorite buys)

Steel cut oats! I have NEVER made actual oatmeal. I've always made instant!

And the only bread available in the store that was made from whole food.

Well, that the exciting new stuff in life right now.....I'm sure I'll be updating when I make my lovely whole food meal (it's super secret squirrel stuff right now) on Thursday! Until then!


Beth said...

Bring over those steel oats ... I've heard good things about them and I love oatmeal but I too make the instant ....

Kelley Larson said...