Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas time is here!

ok ok, so Christmas time has been here for a while, but seriously people, can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?!?!?! Seriously, this holiday season has gone by much faster than any other year for me. I have no idea why, maybe it's cause I'm getting older. Anyway.....

I'm super excited that I get to have brunch with the majority of my immediate family tomorrow (sadly the Davis' will not be able to attend)! I was suppose to be working an opening shift, but one of my coworkers switched shifts with me! I'm still working 12 to 4 tomorrow, but I'm fine with seeing my lovely afternoon regulars on Christmas Eve.

        Wordle: O come O come, Emmanuel 

I loved the 2 Part sermon Pastor Bryan preached the last two weeks in preparation for Christmas time. It was called "O come, O come Emmanuel". It got back to the main point of Christmas: Christ's birth. It's so easy to get caught up in the gifts, family time, and decorations for me. I'm so glad that this year, I'm taking a lot more time to remember the amazing gift that God gave us. I want to make this Christmas more Christ-centered (the way it should always be) so I've decided to be intentional with conversations at work with my regulars and coworkers. I'm hoping and praying for deeper conversations with them.

So as I spend time with my family and coworkers over the next few days, I'm looking forward to meditation and conversation about the central point of this holiday: Christ!

Thats all for now! I'm sure I'll post some pictures within the next couple days from the lovely fam time! Peace out!

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