Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wonderful Saturday :D

I just sat with my mom for 3 hours at Caribou reading the first 10 pages of our next book in Expo. It RAWKED. Let me list 5 reasons why:

1) My mother (if you don't know her) is Wise beyond her years. She knows how to direct conversations to make you really look inside yourself and figure out how you can use a book actively in your own life.

2) It's always great to study with someone else when your reading the same book. That way, you can talk about it and understand it better. There were certain things in this first chapter that I may have not noticed without her being there.

3) Mother/Daughter time rules. enough said.

4) It's a great way to know how to be praying for eachother.

5) I love my mom and I love spending time with her. It's as simple as that.

I love that my mom and I are in the same discipleship at the Church. I can't believe that we didn't start studying together sooner than now.

Ok mom. this blog is for you. :D Lets study again soon. I loved it!!!

Until next time,


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Beth said...

Right On! Rock On! The fact that I do not have this book on tape and you shared your reading aloud skills with me is the wisdom you give to me, your mother, who happens to have a hard time understanding without the book on tape. Thanks for being my tape!

Oh and can I just say that you too have wisdom beyond your years ... thanks for talking about the reading with me ... it helped me to understand it better toooooo!

Oh and in regards to reason #5 It could go I love Ashely more and spending time with her more ... it's as simmple as that!

yep lym gotcha ya .... mom